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"A Language of the Heart"

"A Language of the Heart: Therapy Stories That Heal" explores the language we use to describe our lives and offers tools to make sense of life and relationships. It provides a healthy approach to managing the daily stressors that so often lead to depression or anxiety.

Dr. Schultz, a clinical psychologist, weaves warm, common-sense stories together with exercises that are intended to accelerate your understanding. He sets clear goals and helps you achieve them.

Individuals seeking help understanding their lives will immediately see the relevance and usefulness of the stories and exercises, while mental health professionals will find an object relations oriented approach to therapy that can be successful in the confines of a managed-care environment.

Dr. Schultz also has relaxation CDs  available, with your choice of background audio themes and two different relaxation techniques. Listening to one of these CDs will quickly teach you a way to relax and self-soothe.  You may choose 'Rain & Wind Chimes' or 'Ocean Waves & Sea Birds' for your background.


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