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DF Schultz

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“ Dr. Schultz is a masterful teacher who delivers a wonderfully healing message in a powerful yet approachable manner.”
    ~ Dr. Brad Moser, Director, Webster University - Tampa Bay Area Campuses

  Dr. Schultz is a Master Traumatologist, Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist, Board President and Clinical Director of the Polk County Critical Incident Stress Management Team, and a member of Green Cross.

  Dr. Schultz is the author of A Language of the Heart: Therapy Stories That Heal which is a USA Book News 2005 Best Book Award finalist and co-author of the cognitive behavioral treatment book: Trauma Practice: Tools for Stabilization and Recovery and workbook: Tools for Trauma: A CBT Approach.

Dr. Schultz is available for workshops, signings, library talks and media interviews on personal growth, individual and couples counseling, anger management, stress management, trauma recovery and critical incident stress management.

Finalist in the USA Book News Best Bools Award


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